With over 25 years experience, Gurdain takes pride in ensuring all students irrespective of their age or level of ability excel in their learning journey. With a great attention to detail, Gurdain ensures that finger and playing technique, bol recitation and rhythmic clapping and aesthetical presentation are all focused upon during teaching sessions.


Allowing for the most in-depth development akin to the Guru Shishya Parampara learning tradition, Gurdain teaches on a private one to one session basis of 30 minutes or 60 minutes tailored to your specific hand and skill development


With over a decade of experience teaching online, Gurdain has developed students from the very start level completely online with great and quick results. Benefit from the same intense focus and discipline while learning remotely. Lesson material is provided digitally.


Gurdain conducts group classes in selected locations. These classes are usually 1 hour in duration and include guaranteed one to one attention within the lesson in order to provide further material and tips for each student. Contact for more details.